GRATiAE - Organic Beauty by Nature - is a skin- care line with a sole purpose: anti-aging. It successfully combines Gratiae’s thermal spring water with its exclusive minerals, flora native to the Sea of Galilee area, and organic plants.

GRATIAE is truly an international company with sales in Canada, United States, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, France, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Finland, South Africa,Russia, Ukraine and more. Currently the company is extending its sales in Norway.

The GRATiAE line caters to both women and men who appreciate natural, organic, and healthy skin-care products. GRATiAE delivers results of unparalleled luxury. We are proud of our products and enjoy the privilege of sharing our unique brand with Norwegian clients.

Qualities We Seek:

  • A desire to work abroad - Oslo, Norway
  • Experience in sales of beauty products or as a beautician
  • Superior communication skills and strong sense of initiative
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to be on your feet for extended periods of time
  • Positive and professional attitude to your clients
  • Team-oriented and open-minded approach
  • High Proficiency in English
  • A basic knowledge of Norwegian is a great advantage
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By joining our team
you have the opportunity to:

  • The opportunity to live and work in a beautiful country
  • Priceless Professional and personal growth opportunity
  • Friendly colleagues
  • Excellent training (sales and beyond)
  • Competitive salary package
  • Accommodation in our beautiful corporate apartment